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About Me

Hi, my name is Danielle!

Born and raised in the South Shore of Massachusetts, I moved to NYC in 2019 to pursue a career in UX Design. I have always been involved in art, research, or writing in some form since I could hold a pencil, and I've been a team player since I could talk.


From coaching sports in my early teens to teaching career changers or leading teams at the NYC UXPA today, there's been a pattern of which I find myself working alongside others and leading them to our goals.

I have a natural ability to see the fine details in the bigger picture, and I am shamelessly often making design edits (or giving design praises) in my head when I see a food menu, billboard, or even another website or app.

Though I have these abilities I feel are natural, I also recognize that natural skill is worth even more with education and practice. I hold this to be true as I teach my students, lead my teams, and approach my own work.


With life comes experience, and with connection comes understanding. I believe this is what my work as a UX and Product Practitioner is all about. Without taking the time to get to know who we are working with and who we are designing for, the experience will lack (both in the product and amongst the team).


When I'm not working on a UX project, volunteering at the UXPA, or teaching, you can find me doing any of the following activities:

🌊  Sitting by the ocean or in a park.

🎶  Listening to records I found at a local music shop.

📖  Reading (the Before the Coffee Gets Cold series).

🎨  Painting or drawing for my ongoing series.

✍️  Writing my next article for my Publication.

👾  Playing Disney Dreamlight.

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Press & Publications


Planning for Development

Published by Bootcamp with UX Collective


Design Review:
Fitness in 2023

Article for Small Planet:

Review of the Fitness Industry

EvgGihhXMAIyVk9 1.png

Girl Scouts 2021
STEM Conference

Featured Speaker:
UX Design


Overwhelming IA
in the Real World

Published in
Schmart Talks

Build UX Research Team.png

Building a UX
Research Team

Published by NYC UXPA
Mentioned in UserWeekly

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 12.55.14 PM.png

How to Know if You Need UX as a Business

Published on Medium by Collective Talks


Using AI
When Branding

Published in
Schmart Talks


Growing in UX:

Published by Bootcamp with UX Collective

Accessibility in Tech.png

Accessibility in Tech: TAILORU Collective

Internal Workshop with
Kim Ellsworth


Getting Around Whataboutism

Published in
Schmart Talks


Growing in UX:
Part 1

Published by Bootcamp with UX Collective

The 7 Mistakes copy.png

Seven Mistakes to Avoid During User Interviews

Article with Frankie Kastenbaum

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