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Dorson Community Foundation

A nonprofit and educational organization.

A UX Research project for a responsive website redesign.

What's in Store

  • Problem Space

  • Primary Users

  • UX Audit

  • Interviews and Findings

  • User Needs

  • Design Studio

  • Usability & Quality Assurance Testing

  • Next Steps


Who's on the Team?

Key Stakeholders

UX Researchers

Led by Danielle Martin

UI Designers

Software Engineers

What's the Issue?

Donations are not as regular as they have been in the past.

Website user interface is not up-to-date with modern designs and best practices.

Who Are Our Potential Users?



Primary Users



Secondary Users

How Can We Help?

Conduct UX audit of site, focusing on competitive analysis and heuristics

Survey and interview our networks about donation habits